What is FTG

F.T.G. stands for Flower Transport Gel.

F.T.G. is specially developed as a substitute for water during transport or presentation in flower shops and kiosks. F.T.G. is a water-based gel that contains nutrients and anti bacteria to disinfect the stems and feed the flowers. F.T.G. is an easy to use gel, and also easy to remove. The gel can be washed from the stems with water. The gel is completely environmental friendly, and not dangerous for your health.

We have developed three different kinds of Gel. First of all we have the "Bouquet Gel", this gel works on almost any kind of flowers. And there is a special Gel for Roses, which was specially developed for roses only. And last but not least we have a "Lily Gel", and this is a Gel specially developed for Lily's. 

Advantages of F.T.G.

  • No need for large buckets of water.
  • Less weight to transport.
  • Saves costs in transport.
  • Flowers can be transported horizontally.
  • More quantity in less space.
  • Keeps flowers fresh during transport.
  • No more spilt water during transport.
  • Flowers can be sent to reseller immediately

Disadvantages of F.T.G.

  • When spilt the floor will be slippery.
  • Little extra work when packing flowers.