This is the most simple machine we have available at the moment, to make the use of FTG easier. Here you see a 10 litre can of FTG, with a hand pump mounted at the top, with a simple head to hold the plastic bags for the flowers. This machine is made for smaller companies and growers, to add the gel to flowers directly after making bunches. When the bunch has been made, open the flower bag and use the pump to put the gel in the bag, put the flowers in the bag with gel and close the top of the bag with a piece of tape or an elastic band.



This is a larger machine that holds a 25 litre can of FTG. The can is placed loose in the frame, this makes it very easy to swap the can when one is empty. Underneath the frame we have mounted four small wheels with a brake, which makes it easy to move the machine anywhere it is needed. The gel is pumped out of the can into the bags with a mechanical foot pump. The amount of gel being pumped depends on how long the foot pump is pressed. The flower bags on the top of the machine can be changed by lifting the head, and removing the bags. This machine is made for the larger companies and growers, who intend to send a large part of there flowers on the gel.


This is the first of our two electrical machines. With this machine the gel is pumped into the flower bags with an electrical foot pump. Because the gel is pumped electrically, with air, the process is a lot quicker then with the two machines mentioned above. This machine also holds a 25 litre can of FTG, but it is not put into the machine but placed beside the machine, therefore it is possible to place the can underneath the table out of the way. In future it will be possible to place a couple of machines like this in one area, and attach them all to a central can of for instance 1000 litres FTG.