How to use FTG

Easy to use

FTG is a very easy to use product, thanks to the different kinds of machines and flower bags we have developed. Simply said all you have to do is put a bag of FTG under each bunch of flowers. The amount of gel under each bunch of flowers depends on the size of the bunch, and the thickness of the stems. Normally you will need 20 to 50cc of Flower Transporting Gel a bunch. After harvesting the flowers and bunching them the gel is added. Normally we put the flowers in a container of water, but now we give every bunch of flowers a bag of gel. There are two ways to add the gel to a bunch, you can either add an extra small bag at the bottom of the stems (as shown in picture 1), or you can add the gel in the sleeve before you put in the flowers (as shown in picture 2).


Picture 1

Picture 2