Arrival and Unpacking

The reefer container with the fresh flowers arrived in Rotterdam - Holland on February 3rd 2006, and was transported from there on a truck towards Aalsmeer where it became available for unpacking at 07.00 hrs local time. The flowers were transported to a flower importing- and processing company in Aalsmeer. This company was chosen for the available space and experience with import flower and unpacking and being close to the Aalsmeer Flower Market where the flowers were to be sold.

With a total amount of 190 boxes with cut flowers on Flower transport Gel® with a total weight of less than 5000kg. Temperature check of the reefer container. (0,5 degrees Celsius).

At departure several data loggers and thermometers were placed to register the temperature and humidity during the journey. These data loggers were placed in several places inside the reefer container. Upon arrival it was important to collect the data loggers for the temperature and humidity analysis during the complete journey.

The first boxes where opened and unpacked for the first quality control by external inspectors in accordance with the VBN - standards and of course to make the flowers 'auction' ready (placing them on auction buckets and on special trolleys) for selling them.