Transport from Bogota to harbour


On tuesday 21st of November the truck loaded with the colombian flowers left from Bogota towards the harbour.

The road from Bogota is not in the best of conditions, so it took a little bit longer than expected. The truck though, arrived in time at the harbour. Due to the big differences in temperature between the coast (32 degrees) and the temperature inside the truck (4,1 degrees) a special load-over container had to be used in order not to pass from the cold into the heat and then back to the cold again. This would cause hughe problems with the flowers. After the nesecary approvals and documents FTG and AND -delagations were allowed within the harbour to personally load and check the flowers from the truck into the contianer. The temperature at arrival in the truck was at 4,1 degrees (a datalogger placed in Bogota confirmed this!). The final container was checked by anti-narcotics before loading and during loading. Also individual boxes were picked out for inspection. After aproval of the Anti-narcatocis and after taking samples for phytosanitary purposes, the container could be closed, programmed at the right conditions and placed at the final spot awaiting to be loaded for the trip to Rotterdam - Holland. The ship left on saturday 25th of november at 23.14 hours.

Only serious remark to be made s the fact that unfortunately one of the cooling-engines failed to work for a while during loading / unloading, what caused an inmediate rise in temperature untill 11,4 degrees.
After about 20 minutes this problem was fixed.