Start vase life trials

Phase 1: Wednesday December 13th.
Samples of each participant were taken out for a vase-life trial. Although already proven that flowers could last a long journey on Flower Transport Gel® and arrive in good conditions, a vase-life trial still had to be done in order to see if the flowers would still last enough time for final consumers to really enjoy the beauty of fresh-flowers.

Of each type of flowers a sample was taken in order to get a good and objective idea about the vase-life after a journey by ship. All flowers were placed in water with Flower Care® - Flower Food and placed at our vase-Life trial centre where the conditions are similar to an average western European house: being 20 degrees Celsius and 85% humidity. This is short general impression of (in general) very nice and good looking flowers. (Each participant will receive more detailed pictures and results)